Todo List and Project Ideas

Todo List

  • Add tag cloud to pyracms
  • Add Javascript frontends to some of the editboxes of the renderers like timymce.
  • Add redirect to genconf - Partially Done
  • Add a socket server to genconf
  • Make a panel for genconf, see above.
  • Test and finish hypernucleus
  • Code gallery
  • Ajax websites
  • Update Python Tut thread -
  • Make a basic full screen interface for PI using QT5
  • Control Revo with arduino, maybe with pi too, or just use infrared.
  • Sell nitro stuff
  • Make theme and content for, perhaps take picture of me holding something.
  • Add more validation and settings to you're fired, so it can be sold.
  • Make infrared repeater permanent, get female headers from ebay
  • Fix model helicopter
  • Check lego heli manual and install motor.
  • Make backup/restore script for webfaction
  • Make pyramid Python 3 script for webfaction

You're Fired


  • Add ability to ban sites, auto ban if submission fails.
  • Add advanced tab, allow users to choose which exceptions to break on.
  • Fix this error:

18/04/13 17:09:07: Adding keyword holiday camps to submission site 18/04/13 17:09:07: Signing up... 18/04/13 17:09:07: During processing, the following exception occured: KeyError 'reg-checkbutton1'


  • Make online database api and basic main site.
  • Move to a proper model based table.
  • Add a search box
  • Add a timeout, if taking too long to process a site, skip
  • Add message to say if job was successful or not.

Lost List

  • None

Project ideas

  • Vote powered radio
  • A new remote control software
  • Add genconf support to Pynguins

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