Washout base pins not located properly. This will throw the phasing out on the head. Fixed. ✓
I turned the ESC around so that RX lead doesn't need an extension, the motor leads are now cable-tied to the frame and the battery leads can be strapped in. ✓
Rerouted the front cyclic servo leads so you don't need extensions on those either. They will need to be braided and cable tied down.
The tail servo has broken tabs on one side, you need to get a new case for it.
Velcro straps for holding the battery down.
Velcro pads for sticking the battery down (stops battery sliding out)
Servo wire braiding to stop the frame wearing through the leads.
Heatshink (6mm I think) for end of braiding.
Smaller cable ties. Industrial ones are a bit large smile emoticon
Boom support bolt missing, ✓
bamboo pole on the tail is bad, causes vibration and gyro issues, mow a patch of grass ✓
Blade holder. Leaving the blades hanging stretches links and stresses servos. Easy to damage the head links if you lean on it. ✓
The servos leads need to be cable tied down. Having them wave around means they can get caught in the gears and also causes fatigue in the leads.

Other than that, the setup looks good, almost ready to fly. Excuse any grammatical and spelling errors, I'm gonna go test my own helis now smile emoticon

Reciever hookup From Antenna port upwards:
1. Throttle
2. Left Hand Servo when looked at from rear
3. Right Hand Rear Servo when looked at from rear
4. Gyro 3 Wires
5. Gyro 1 Wire
6. Right Hand Front Servo when looked at from rear

Turnigy™ TGY-616MG


Turnigy™ TGY-616MG Ultra Fast BB/DS/MG w/Alloy Case 6.6kg / 0.05sec / 34g
Turnigy Multistar 20A V2 Slim BLHeli Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC 2-6S
XT60 to 4 X 3.5mm bullet Multistar ESC Power Breakout Cable
Male XT60 Connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE
Female XT60 Connectors (5pcs/bag) GENUINE
Propeller Adapter (Collet Type) Blue 3.17mm
Balance plug savers

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