PostMarkup BBCode Usage Guide

Font and text formatting

Use the following tags to create bold, italic, underline, and strikeout text.



You can link to another page or site using either the link or url tags. To link a section of text to another page put the URL as a parameter in the tag.

[url][/url] []
[url=]Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.[/url]
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. []


To insert images use the img tag. You can also nest an img tag inside of a url tag to link an image.



Use the quote tag to quote another person's text. You can optionally provide a reference.

[quote]Hello world![/quote]

Hello world!
[quote="Epimenides"]The Cretans are always liars.[/quote]
The Cretans are always liars.


Lists can be created using the list and * tags. You can change the style of the list by providing an optional parameter (1 for numerical, a for lower-case alphabetical, A for upper-case alphabetical).

[*]Default item 1
[*]Default item 2

  • Default item 1
  • Default item 2
[*]Numbered item 1
[*]Numbered item 2

  1. Numbered item 1
  2. Numbered item 2
[*]Alphabetical item 1
[*]Alphabetical item 2

  1. Alphabetical item 1
  2. Alphabetical item 2

Code formatting

The code tag is used to format source code or other text data. You can optionally specify a language to activate syntax highlighting for that language (if available).

[code]This text will be monospaced.[/code]
This text will be monospaced.
This text will be monospaced.
def main():
    print "This is some Python code"
def main():
    print "This is some Python code"

def main():
print "This is some Python code"

Search engines and reference sites

Use these special tags to link to a search engine query or reference site.

bbcode []
[dictionary]markup[/dictionary] or [dict]markup[/dict]
markup [] or markup []
BBCode []

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